Mediation in divorce

Mediation in divorce

The Quick Mediator is very flexible with scheduling an appointment. The mediator is both during the day and evening available. We prefer to make an appointment with you for the evening so it’s not necessary to take a day off from your work and you don’t need to arrange a babysitter for the kids.

Grandparents do not get the babysitter

We work with a phased mediation plan for a simple fee from $ 250, – as the starting amount. Often we can resolve the matter in 10 hours at a rate of $ 75, – per hour ex VAT.

This amount will be charged after the first appointment to you and must be paid for the second appointment.

Step 1, Week 1

During our first mediation appointment we bring all your questions in map and make an inventory of your finances and all written documents necessary to properly and quickly resolve the conflict. If there is a divorce, we discuss in detail with your mediatior how the contact arrangements with the children should look. This will be included in a parenting plan.

At the end of week one, we’ll need all your relevant documents. You can send them by post or e-mail.

Step 2, week 2:

In week 2, the mediator will make a new appointment with you to discuss the following subjects: who pays what, obligations, the parenting plan, alimony, carrying capacity, retirement and agreements concerning the house.

Step 3, end of week 2:

In week three you will receive a concept divorce settlement of your mediator. You will also receive a parenting plan and alimony calculation in draft. These documents will be sended to our house lawyer.

Step 4, beginning of week 3:

All documents will be checked by the mediator and our house lawyer with whom we work closely and the lawyer will submit all the pieces to the court by petition.

Step 5, end of week 3:

All documents are submitted to the court.

But if you need more time to oversee and read everything again, more time is of course possible after consultation with the mediator and the lawyer.

Step 6:

After a few weeks, the court will pronounce the divorce. The mediator will then visit you again to answer all your questions. The lawyer enrolls the divorce decree at the registry so that the divorce becomes final. Up to 6 months after the pronouncement of the divorce by the court you’re free to call the mediator at no cost if you have questions or problems.









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