QuickMediator ® works with a nationwide network of consultants which all or a legal and business background.

mediator franchise working from home

Working from home!

You are a lawyer or college and are working and thinking for example a while been out of employment in connection with the upbringing of the children. Whether your business has sold and want your experience to other people and / or companies to help. You want to go back to work. What better than to proceed with your own working hours and given priority. That is impossible if, for example in an office to work and whether the service will work. You will be lived by you agenda and the stress of home in time for the children.

Flexibility is our priority. If you have two divorces in the month does and there over a week to work than you earn in a week as much as a month in payroll at an average law firm. The profile – You work from home. – You do not rent, expensive library. – You are not tied to all sorts of problems with conduct and additions. – The hours you work are paid and well paid.


We offer:


  • As a franchisee you can and should expect a lot from us. We want to be No. 1 in the United States of America in the field of mediation and divorce mediation including divorce and adversarial. Our success is highly dependent on a successful franchise organization and its member franchises.
  • We distinguish ourselves from other franchise organizations in the field of mediation and divorce.
  • Our distinctiveness lies in the fact that our private clients in the evening visits where interpersonal relationships are important.
  • Your clients need to trust you completely and you can build. You are their rock during and after the divorce and / or business conflict.


You will receive:


  • Daily via e-mail items offered;
  • Full agenda lead generator;
  • An internal training;
  • Own work
  • Full support from the central organization
  • Regular franchise meetings with colleagues
  • Entrance-fee including full corporate identity, website, training and education
  • Fixed monthly fee (not depending on turnover)
  • My office page with individual completion methods
  • Petitions joint application and adversarial
  • Act based Ingen
  • Access to a maintenance program and basis.
  • Aupport in calculating alimony and strength.
  • Mentoring arrangement

Mediation - work from home in franchise



Quick Mediator is looking for enthusiastic and motivated franchisees with Quick Mediators want to build a successful career in a dynamic market. Your success is largely determined by your own efforts and abilities. Candidates should in addition to the aforementioned enthusiasm and perseverance to meet the following conditions:

  • a college education and work, preferably with a legal background / knowledge / experience expert;
  • affinity with people.
  • social, communicative, representative and commercially oriented
  • in car ownership, telephone and computer (home) office in your new area
  • part time or full-time usable

Available areas:


At present there are still opportunities in each province to start their own business.

If you are interested and meet with the profile we gladly make an appointment for a personal conversation with each other closer acquaintance. Send an email to   and we will be short term contact you.

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