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I myself have the necessary experience with mediation in my own family, this was excellent. Many people asked me how I came to all this knowledge to bring two quarreling parties together, while they separate. I had gained this knowledge through Quickmediator. In addition to my college education, I have always been an entrepreneur in heart and soul. I also love to help people and show that getting success is entirely up to you.

Solving a conflict is also a success. People think that this is our mediator. In part, that is true, we are trained and train ourselves weekly. Because of the many mediation cases, we also get more and more experience. We are the guide as a mediator, we are impartial. We are on the sidelines and guides people to the solution. After all, people have to do it themselves.

Do you have a conflict, divorce or do you want to start your own Mediation practice? Call or email me for a free introductory meeting. Mail: nederland@quickmediator.nlĀ 

wilbert klaver

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